"Enhancing the legacy of scholarship by providing exceptional college advisory services to families."

G. Holmes | Founder/CEO

What You Need To Know

Like technology, the college admissions landscape is constantly changing. It's not enough to consult with someone who has completed college when planning for college, but to consider the advice of a professional steeped in emerging trends and the latest information surrounding enrollment management.

Scholastic Solutions L.L.C. is a private college consulting practice based in Florida. This firm works with individuals, families and organizations on a myraid of college, career and corporate solutions.


Our Services

1.) College Admissions Counseling

2.) College Prep Retreats/ Guided College Tours

3.) Expert Financial Aid/ Scholarship Guidance

4.) Test Prep

5.) Career Counseling

6.) College Admissions Essay Review


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For all Scholastic consultations, Event Speaking Engagements and all college prep inquires you may reach us via any of these methods.


Applying to College: FAQs

Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about applying to college.